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My BlogMonthly updates on anything I feel like writing about. You should check it out.
Identify Italy2015/04/30A project that uses machine learning to identify the makeup of Italy.
Quadcopter Panorama2014/06/01A panorama generated by my quadcopter and the software I wrote for it.
Solar Calendar2014/03/16A solar Calendar generator. Print your own solar calendar!
Valentines 20142014/02/14Valentines card generator for 2014.
Infoggle2014/01/20Word-finding game
WebMon2013/09/28A program to alert you to changes in a webpage.
Server Strings2013/09/15A network security program which detects malicious websites based on their server string.
Number Psych2013/09/08A psychology experiment involving selecting a series of numbers.
Lyst2013/05/28A Myst-like game modelled after the Liberal Arts and Science Academy.
Audio QR Code2013/03/15Generate audio where the spectrum looks like a QR code.
Valentines 20132013/02/13Valentines card generator for 2013.
Political Quiz2012/12/04World's smallest political quiz. Nothing special about this one.
Conquest CLI?Konquest written for the command line.
Wikisay2012/05/06The online tool for commenting on written works.
Cloud2012/04/29The Pillow CloudShutdown on 2013/06/15 due to budget reasons.
Gas Log2012/03/27Some people like to keep track of their gas usage. We are the superior race.
Proxy2012/11/12It's new. It's improved. And it works for youtube.Shutdown on 2014/09/16
Message System2012/01/22A Message of the Day system. Get XKCD emailed to yourself!
Thermo2012/02/04A thermodynamics equation solver (for lack of a better term)
Blue November2011/04/03Naval warfare game inspired by my Uncle.
BankBook2012/01/29Personal finances tracker.
FileShare2011/07/20An alternative to all of the file sharing sites. 700MB upload limit. This one is better than all of the others. Trust me.
Vector Racetrack2011/08/28The classic vector racetrack from physics class.

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