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While this whole preset “Advanced Computer Programming #<n>” post naming scheme removes one more thing from my mind, it is a little bit constricting. So I’m breaking from that scheme to celebrate that Conquest-CLI is now public. It’s the infamous … Continue reading

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ACP #3 and User Permissions

Woah, turns out I need to write a blog post for this week. Here goes. Code review this week – looks like I should probably start writing good code. Along that note I setup a git account, so maybe I’ll … Continue reading

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Advanced Computer Programming Post #2

This is just a quick update on the Workflow project, since I’m require by applicable law and regulation to post twice by midnight tonight. Not that that’s bad, or I’m complaining or anything – but it’s still a fact none … Continue reading

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Airplanes & Advanced Computer Programming Post #1

Well, this is it. My first computer science class. I may have mentioned something before about a workflow management program. This is my project. The theory is pretty simple. There simply are no highly¬†customizable¬†workflow management programs. Many are like Trello, … Continue reading

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