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Proof: Gaussian Distributions Actually Exist

Some bookkeeping: I had 1,400 comments waiting for me to decide if they’re intelligent. I deleted them all. You’re welcome to comment, as always, but now there’s a captcha, so you can read ancient books while you’re posting comments. And … Continue reading

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Indonesian Adult Websites?

Alright, just a quick post today, as I’m running late because I spent Saturday doing homework and Sunday in San Antonio with my family. Next week I’ll make up for it with something cool. Hopefully. Regardless, as a few people … Continue reading

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Lane Kolbly: Statistical Network Security Analyst Extraordinaire

Because that’s totally a thing, and I didn’t totally make it up. Here’s my proof:¬† That’s a program which uses known statistics about the world of malicious websites to look at new websites and give them a “rating”. There’s a … Continue reading

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Dreams From a Year Ago

Sorry I’m a few days late. College life is my excuse. Here’s a (true) excerpt from that life: 12:47AM “Don’t get caught.” “Too late.” I looked down the hallway. At the far corner a girl was walking towards us, blissfully … Continue reading

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Flying Cat Toys?

At the Pillow Computing Consortium, we’re dedicated to inventing the next million dollar idea. Every day. Our latest: A flying cat toy. The cats didn’t appreciate it as much as I did.

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