Computers I own:

Mars 800W
Hydroxide 40W
Ether 250W
Carbonate 300W
Kerosene 300W
Cellulose 200W
Monitors & Other Accessories 225W
TOTAL: 2115W

Let’s say that, on average, each machine is using a 1/4 of the total power it can draw. This brings us to an actual total power usage of 529W.

Average cost of electricity in Texas: About $0.12 per KWh

Multiply the two, we get:

Desktops: $0.025/hr
Servers: $0.032/hr
Monitors, etc.: $0.007/hr
TOTAL: $0.063/hr

That’s $1.512 per day.¬†Or $551.88 per year.

And that’s not counting the cost the goes to outfitting new equipment – So far this year, I’ve probably spent… Well, let’s not go there.

I could probably start a web-hosting gig. I could have a little radio button that says: Do you want WordPress? Or do you want Joomla? Or do you just want a blank server?


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