Star Wars Fan Fiction

For my Brother. I swear.

Somewhere on Naboo: Crunch. A man burst out of the bush, and ducked behind a tree. He gripped one hand over his arm, which had been cut while he fled. With his other hand he dropped a data crystal and pushed it under some leaves with his foot. He heard a speeder slow down behind him, so he stepped out from behind the tree.

The storm troopers were happy to catch their quarry so easily.

Hours later: “Commander, you should probably check this out.” The new office aide walked up to Commander Skywalker on the bridge of the Constrictor, a brand-new Corellian corvette. Skywalker nodded his head, continuing to gaze impassively out the window.

“We just got something from that agent who disappeared. He left a data crystal containing three words: Insider, Queen, Soonest.

Skywalker turned to the aide “Has the Intelligence team seen it yet?”

“No Sir. I was just about to give them it.”

“Can I see the crystal?”

The aide tried, but failed, to hide a questioning expression. He pulled a slightly scratched milky white crystal the size of a quarter out of his jacket pocket and dropped it into Skywalker’s waiting palm.

The Commander walked past the aide and off the bridge.

“Um, Sir? Sir? I need that, Sir.” The aide followed Skywalker to the elevator. Skywalker turned around and said “All things to their own time. I need a small ship to the planet surface ready in one hour, and tell Obi-Wan to meet me in one hour. Give us both lightweight blasters. Tell no one.” With that, he closed the door to the lift.

The aide snapped to attention. “Yes, Sir.” Inside, though, he thought that maybe his friends were right that working with Skywalker wasn’t the promotion they said it was.


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