Well, I don’t have much in the way of projects. There’s a few smaller ones lying around, though.

For my Amateur Radio class we’re setting up a ham band wireless mesh network (Check it out at Does anyone have a Linksys WRT54L (version 4 or earlier) I can borrow indefinitely?

For the robotics team I’m lending a hand to fix up a couple of scripts (including a WP plugin for logging hours).

I got to use my curb detector for the first time today.

The only other noteworthy project (that I can think of) is that I’m updating the Blue November manual. I *should* be done sometime this coming week/weekend, but who knows.

Five years later, in an Italian coffee shop…

“Today’s tennis games were cancelled because of rain.”

“Is that so?”

“It is so, Lorenzo.”

Lorenzo smiled and waggled a finger “Aye, they’ll cancel anything for rain. Care for some more cioccolata calda?

Sì, grazie.” The student set down his newspaper, revealing the young complexion of an Italian first year college student. The student pushed a coffee mug, once full of molten chocolate, across the granite bar, saying “Thank you, Lorenzo. This chocolate stuff beats all.”

Lorenzo, a balding man in his fifties, pushed a new mug across the bar and said “You been to America recently, no? Their stuff is… American.”

They both laughed. Lorenzo looked through the glass wall to the street, and remarked “Oh, look, another group of gringos.”

The student glanced outside to see a group of young ladies coming in the door, mashed together in a pack about seven strong, much like in their natural habitat. That group made up for the emptiness of the cafe – before, the darkness had made the student and Lorenzo feel isolated in the middle of the shop, which they were. The student had been the only customer in the shop.

Lorenzo waited patiently while the girls gave him their orders. The last one paused, seemingly stuck between a hot chocolate and a more conservative Bicerin. The hot chocolate had a lot of chocolate – A fact that the Americans often forgot. The student leaned over and said “I’d recommend the cioccolata calda. It has enough chocolate to last you for a long while.”

The girl glanced, surprised, at the student, and ordered the cioccolata calda. The student folded up his paper and stood up “Farewell, Lorenzo. See you tomorrow.”

“See ya’, Antonio.” Lorenzo gave a small wave to the student, then noticed two new middle aged men with Aviators and briefcases. “Aye! More customers! Benvenuto, benvenuto.”


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