Pillow SSL Support! (Again)

Now I have legit SSL certificates. Check them out: https://pillow.rscheme.org/

Also look at the bottom of the page. I coded a little “Comodo Secure” seal that only shows up when my site is visited via HTTPS.

Comodo is giving out free 90-day certificates. I recommend you get one – I’m liking mine so far. (UPDATE 2017: The Comodo link was broken, and now I get SSL from https://letsencrypt.org/)

Okay, sorry for the incredibly short post today. This weekend turned out to be a lot busier than I had anticipated – Saturday I hacked together two complete projects (normally at best I do one) and Sunday I spent painting my brother’s room.

Stay tuned for next week’s post. I’ll post a link to my UT class schedule finder, which may become very relevant with registration starting in just a few days. I may also discuss a machine-learning exercise that I’ve taken up.

Until then, I have two tests this week to study for, and one next week to study for.



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