It’s all over…

Sort of. The great thing about college is that it just keeps on going. Like the Energizer bunny.

So this blog has turned into a place where I marvel at the high usage of my proxy. Below is a graph of the rolling 7-day average for the past couple months:


Note how a record high was hit a couple days ago, crossing 200,000 hits/day, rolling average.

Prior to this peak, I had never seen 200,000 hits in a single day. Maybe if I keep on posting links to it somebody will start using it and buy ad space (you should buy ads! Support me! Internet connections are expensive) Or just donate directly. Soon to be taking credit cards.

Alright, not much this week, but I took apart a LCD TV, cut myself several times on the glass, and got a very nice backlight:

On the left is my wife’s hand. On the right are two strips of polarizing filter which I scraped off the LCD – I have a 18″x12″ sheet (with a hole in the center). I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but I’m actively considering taking up the 3d movie theater project, if I find another projector.

And new food of the month… I haven’t been keeping up with the monthly food (or the weekly blogpost) for a number of reasons. I did have a mushroom burger (portabella mushroom between two hamburger buns) a few days ago, though. It was quite nice. It also had goat cheese on it, though, which I’ve never really been a fan of. It’s a very strong-tasting cheese, which throws me off a little. Also the burger had major structural issues, so I ended up with a lot of small bits and very little burger.

Life is full of difficulties, and we must learn to overcome the obstacles in our path.


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