Day 9: Rest, and Relaxation

After the last two days, we needed a day to regroup. That was today.

We did laundry, played cards, and then went out to dinner. The laundry machine was a combination washer and drier. As with all machines here in Europe, we had no idea how to operate it. I’ve had the perpetual fear that someone will think they turned off the oven, when in reality they haven’t and the apartment burns down.

In this apartment, the fire escape is in the kitchen. I don’t know why.

After Dad did a load that didn’t dry, he figured out the magic incantation to make it both wash and dry. It ended up being too hot, so all of my synthetic socks shrunk to about half their size. When I took them out of theĀ ovendrier I didn’t even recognize them as my own – only after asking everyone else if they were theirs did I finally accept them.

After that, we figured out how to do synthetics. Turns out you have to turn the knob to the “synthetics” mode.

For dinner, we went out to a fancy Italian place just down the road. They had a giant poster of Sophia Loren, who I later learned was an Italian actress who came up with the phrase “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.”

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