It’s a New Year!

It’s a New Year! Yes, I know that happened 35 days ago. We aren’t even 10% into the new year yet – and I’ve already broken my New Year’s resolution to write a blog post monthly.

Speaking of which, I suppose that means that I should have some sort of new year resolutions. I resolve to find the time to make some…

… Right after I’m passing all my classes. The only reason I wasn’t taking notes in History was because I was logged into my house through my SSH-over-HTTPS connection so that I could upload 1.7 gigabytes of data for a data mining project for a colleague. Have I mentioned that I’m doing a data mining project? And did I mention that I absolutely hate doing tech support for the computer illiterate who think they know what they’re doing?

I didn’t particularly feel like waiting until I got home to copy the data, because on my way home I need to drop by the Goodwill Computer Store to pick up some parts for my Atari project, and that would take up most of the evening.

Today I learned that the Atari project doesn’t actually include an Atari cabinet, so I’m not sure what my family imaged it would be or why I went through all the effort and money to assemble a standalone computer… Okay, kids! Let’s all VNC into the remote Atari emulator!

I’m sure we’ll figure something out. Until then, I’ll be working on either my new old Smoothwall machine (A friend lent me a Smoothwall machine from about 1995) or iPlay4e, which is a website that works with Dungeons and Dragons character files. I’m their new dev guy.

But right now it’s late, and I just released my new Thermo program. I wrote it in about 4 or 5 hours to do thermo homework (it wasn’t anything special, just some straight forward Javascript). Ironically, the homework ended up being simple, and I did it by hand in 10 minutes. Somehow I’m not sure the homework’s preparing me for the test, but I don’t feel like asking for more homework.

And tomorrow is a big day – There’s a chance that iPlay4e is doing something big tomorrow (like releasing).


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